What To Do When There’s No Venture Capital

January 13, 2009

It’s agreed. We’re in the biggest economic downturn we’ve ever seen. So why would anyone want to launch a startup?

1937 photo by Dorothea Lange

1937 photo by Dorothea Lange

Maybe because a downturn is the best time to launch a startup (see “6 Reasons Why This Economy Is Good For Startups”). Or maybe, “Why not?”, because what else are you doing that’s truly worthwhile? Or maybe, finally, because startups are the only way to create prosperity when established businesses are failing.

Whatever your motivation to launch, some of the rules for success just changed (along with everything else that got broken with the collapse of 2008).

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Taking Responsibility: Backing Up Is Hard To Do?

January 3, 2009
Crashed Hard Drive

Crashed Hard Drive

Another horror story. This from TechCrunch, “All Data Lost Without Backup, Company Deadpooled” (also discussed on Slashdot). Briefly, a blogging company named JournalSpace was put out of business when their web site database was erased. The company speculates it was the victim of a malicious act from a disgruntled ex-employee. But the real culprit was poor management and the victims were its thousands of customers who lost years worth of creative work.

Responsibility and accountability have to be built into every startup’s company culture and business policies. What can you do? Read on for some advice.

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