How to Find the Top Blogs For Any Topic

June 16, 2009

This article has value for anyone using the web, not just readers who are launching startups. It is especially helpful for anyone doing Internet marketing. I’m going to tell you how to find the best blogs in any subject area. Why? Because blogs are your best source of current information on the web. If you can find the top bloggers for any topic, you’ll be guided to the most relevant and useful information for any area that you’re researching. Follow the top blogs and you’ll quickly get up to speed and stay current, even if a subject area is new to you. And if you’re doing marketing, the most popular blogs are the best places to solicit “ink and a link” to get traffic to your site.

The top blogs are not easy to identify. You’ll want to find the bloggers who have the most readers, who are recognized as authorities, and who get the most interesting discussions started among their readers’ comments. How will you find them? Many people assume Google is all you need. Google can get you started but Google isn’t much help in identifying the best blogs. That’s why I’m going to share with you sophisticated techniques for identifying the top blogs for any topic.

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How to Do Keyword Research

September 22, 2008

This article, on How to Do Keyword Research, introduces a keyword research methodology every web entrepreneur can use.

The methodology I describe is unique; you won’t find this approach described in all the ebooks and articles on keyword research you’ll find on the web. My approach doesn’t require expensive membership subscriptions; it combines free data from a social bookmarking site, a web traffic measurement service, and Google user data to create a comprehensive inventory of your keyword universe.

How Effective Is It?

I developed this approach when I worked as a consultant and Internet marketing mentor for my friends Joe “Mr. Fire” Vitale and Jerry and Esther Hicks. Joe Vitale is now well-known as an “Internet marketing guru” and Jerry and Esther Hicks have become NY Times best-selling authors. Keyword research has been a foundation for the success of all my consulting clients. Over time I’ve refined the approach and I describe it in detail for the first time.

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How to Do Keyword Research

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