How to Get Started with Twitter

April 19, 2009

Most people read this blog because they are looking for advice about launching a web-based business. But this article isn’t about methodologies for development or strategies for a web launch. It’s about something more basic: Twitter. If you’re not using Twitter, it’s time to get started. This article will explain how.

Whither Twitter?

twitterWhy Twitter? Every few years, there’s an important new way to use the Internet. There was a time when I’d ask someone for their email address and I’d hear, “My computer’s not set up for that, but you can fax me.” That changed all of a sudden, around 1996, when everyone discovered that email was really useful. The Internet works like that. BBS’s, USENET, email, the web, Google, instant messaging, blogs, social networking. Things that are dweeby, geeky, or an apparent preoccupation of youth suddenly go mainstream. Guess what’s next?

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